Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Winners and Losers from 2004 Election

Let's get to the speeches.

John Kerry is a political wimp. I've constantly asked why we are voting for him and he showed us why during his concession speech. "The fight continues." No you lost and your party got trounced. Few members of the Democratic Party can run on the Kerry issues unless they are trying for office in the northeast and maybe in the northwest.

Nancy Pelosi, the Minority Leader in the house, can point to few positives from this election. Yes, the Congressional Black Caucus grew, but that was without her help. She can't get the "bully pulpit" to rally around Democrats. There needs to be an insurrection in Democratic House to put her those of her ilk out of the leadership.

With Tom Daschle gone in the Senate we get a Senator Harry Reid from Nevada to lead the charge. His opposition to Republicans will be tempered because he represents a western district who is opposed to eastern democrats.

Now for the President. You have every right to be grinning. "You cleaned their clocks." Large majority in the house, a bigger majority in the senate except you don't have 60 votes to stop a filibuster. It's gonna be nasty on judges. He asked for others from the other side to work with him...That remains to be seen. With no election to be concerned about this Bush has an opportunity to create a legacy. Let's see. (The easiest legacy will be reshaping the Supreme Court)

Now for the winners and losers

Big Winner

Electronic Voting - it worked for the most part. A few hiccups, but no major catastrophe.

Congressional Black Caucus - Picked seats in Georgia, Texas and have Barrack Obama in the Senate. Wield your new power and crave out a new niche.

Voters, Especially Black Voters - You went to the polls in record numbers and proved your force.

Doug Wilder - New Mayor of Richmond who ran as an independent (a trend that may prove to be winning formula).

Marion Barry - returns to Washington as a council member

Young people - for those who voted remember these events happen annually.


Democratic Message - its not universal and doesn't relate to people in the middle of the country and the south.

Lawyers - on both sides - You geared up for the battle royal that never materialized.

Religion - you are either with us or against. Evangelical Christians who come in every color have to many litmus test. Were we voting for bishop, cardinal, or pope?

Exit Polls - let's get rid of this device. It hasn't worked in the last two presidential elections and you are holding the nation hostage.

TV Networks - to many talking heads and no real reporting.


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