Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Election Day

I wake up to learn that a federal court in OHIO has decided that partisan observers can challenge voters in the buckeye state. This could prove to be a problem especially for Black Folks.

Went to vote with the kids dressed in my vote or die t-shirt. Was happy to see others in similar attire. It is the outfit of choice. There are a lot of first time voters in line.

I jump on line to see about Philly and there are reports of fights at polling stations and votes already counted by machines. This is going to be a long night.

I check out several other polling stations in Baltimore and they are packed. Go back in the late afternoon and crowds have slowed. People got out early.

Stop by NAACP headquarters to view their war-room. The nation’s oldest civil rights organization has hotline setup to report voting irregularities around the state. Lots of calls coming in from the Milwaukee and Cleveland areas.

Kwiesi Mfume, CEO NAACP, seems confident that President Bush will not win (7:25 PM).

Mfume is also confident that the investigation by the IRS will not deter the NAACP from speaking out.

My wife asks, “Who do you think will win?” I remind her that US history has never turned out a president during war time. This would be remarkable if it happens.

Early returns shows Bush is leading in the south and the heartland having secured states he won in the past. An early blip says the race in Virginia is close than it goes red. No one wants to call Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida. Reports say they will keep some polls open longer in these battle grounds. Wondering if this is a sign that the election will turn.

There are lot of red states on the board and few blue. The President has the south, and the center. The coasts however have more people.

At 12:30 I’m on election overload and I’ve got to do an interview at 7:30 am. I go to bed without knowing what has happen.


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