Saturday, October 09, 2004

The long day’s journey into night.

I know many of you have been asking when I was going to update the blog…well some of us have to work…and that’s what I’ve been doing over the last month.

Let me address the two debates I promised to comment on.

The Vice Presidential Debates

The mantra for Republicans comes from the musical “The Wiz.” If you remember from the movie staring Diane Ross, Michael Jackson, and Richard Pryor the Wiz had infamous line in that movie,"Don’t bring me no bad news.” Dick Cheney has perfected this to high art. I questioned his answer to question regarding whether he had ever meet Senator John Kerry. Yea, you both were seated next to each other at a Prayer Breakfast.

Lastly, I was hoping Gwen Ifill would have founded a better questioned to ask the candidates relating to the Black Community other than the plight of AIDS in the African-American Community, especially the high number of women with the disease. “Gwen, I wasn’t aware of that and I don’t have a comment,” said Vice President Chenney.

Senators Edwards comment was patronizing then insightful.

The question I thought would have been more appropriate for both should have gone like this. “Gentleman, statistics show that America will be browning (racially diverse) in the five to ten years. One party appears to want to go back to a time when we were monolithic, the other wants to be all things to all people. Can you talk about your parties efforts to reach out to minorities, and how and should your organizations change to reflected the varied opinions that may be opposed to your core values?

The question is long but the answers would have been insightful.

The winner----a tie.

The Town Hall Debate.

“Mr. Bush, can you tell us time when you may have made a mistake and what you did to correct it.” Talk about a softball waiting to be served up. President Bush kept on message and refused to entertain this question other than to say, “I wished I had picked some different nominees.

The abortion questioned to Kerry was telling and an indicator of the Senators problem. No concrete answer and a lot of wavering. The American electorate likes decisive answers. He wavered and left the door open for the President. “No, I believe abortion is wrong.”

The President, who’s earlier performance had befuddled those watching, was in command and appeared stern and looked like the commander in chief. He drove home his change in outlook after 9-11.

The winner Bush.

Last Man Standing

The conventional wisdom is the last debate would have the fewest viewers. I believe the numbers will show all three debates had a high interest among potential voters.

The ‘one on one’ format I believe is the best for significant dialogue. Kerry needed to “bring it,” and he did. It was clever how he called the president a lair without actually saying it.

“He’s wrong, he voted for the war and against war, which one was it,” said the President. Okay, you’ve said this several times and I for am getting tiered of this. What else you got?

The most telling question was the one about being gay. Kerry’s usage of Dick Cheney’s daughter was appropriate because it highlighted the hypocrisy of the Republican stance.

Winner Kerry


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