Sunday, September 26, 2004

A Presidential Perspective II

When I initally wrote this my editors thought I was going off the deepend. So I created this tamer version. If you're reading this for the first time go back to Presidential Perspective I.
I orginally wrote this back on July 15, 2004. I've share this with friends who found it facinating. Here goes !!!

The ultimate horse race of the year is apparently set. The Republicans have their standard barer and Senator John Kerry has picked Senator John Edwards as his running mate. Does anybody see anything wrong with this picture? Look real close and you will note that there is an absence of color, gender and that so called mosaic that we call America.
Can only white men offer solutions to the myriad of problems facing the United States? I doubt it. The citizenry needs to get over it’s obsession with the patriarchal society. Let’s get some new ideas into the mix in both parties. I for one am getting tired of the also rans in either party. Electibility seems to be this year’s mantra. Whoever wins this year’s Presidential election should end the stranglehold of "Caucasian men only" for the top office in the land.
By the time 2008 comes around new names need to emerge who will break the mold in both parties. Conventional wisdom will tell you that money is the key to launching a national campaign. I’ve argue that ideas are the capital that will sway the electorate. These new national names don’t have to be at the top of the ticket, but need to "be in the mix" when it comes time to select a vice president.

Jesse and Al please stay home, your time has come and gone we need new blood. In the GOP, Alan Keyes, go get a real job. We are into our third generation of politicians. Brothers and sisters permeate every stratum of politics and business. As I see it there are four categories from which to pick.

1.) Career politicians – noted for their current and previous experience in political office.

2.) Business – proven themselves in marketing their companies not just to the African-American community.

3.) Academia/Non Traditional Jobs – These are people who’ve reached the zenith of their chosen professions and are looking for new challenges.

4.) Unknown Quotient – They are loud, bodacious, and unconventional. They reach a constituency few people tap into on a regular basis and could challenge any traditional party leader

Visualize with me several fictional characters that have various characteristics from the above categories. They may peak the electorates interest and more importantly your interest. As a disclaimer any resemblance to any real person is purely co-incidental.

Ms. I Got What it Takes - Ms. Takes is a second generational civil rights advocate free from any scandal. She's paid her dues by advocating for education. This woman has put her own money up to create experimental schools that are affordable. She's taken this private company public and has become the darling of Wall Street. Fortune 500 companies frequently ask her to speak. Her favorite quote is "the next civil rights battle won't be in the street but for economic survial."

Mr. Don't Look at Me as a Black Man - Mr. Black Man was a close personal friend of Reginald Lewis and took to heart the title of his biography "Why Should White Guys Have All the Fun." He currently works for a Fortune 500 company. Well compensate by his firm he has no desire to jump into poltics, however after assessing the field of potential candidates for 2008 he believes he has to jump into the fray. It won’t be easy because his counterparts will besmirch his reputation as a beneficary of "Affirmative Action."

Mr. Who Says I Can't Run - Mr. Can't Run has re-written the shoe business. Run has been able to outfit rappers, moviestars, politicains and the general public in his personalized gear. Every new product is anticipate with the zeal of a movie premiere. His ability to tap into popular culture has made him a spokesperson for the under 25 generation. On a dare an established politician challenges Mr. Can't Run to run for president.

Rev. Ms. Lord Have Mercy - Rev. Mercy has shunned the televangilist route to preach her sermons but is good friends with T.D. Jakes and others of the cloth. She gains addtioanl crebibility because of her service in the military on the front lines in Iraq. Her church located in Detriot draws stars like Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker, Beyonce Knowles, and Condaleece Rice. The congreation's mantra is "You Go Girl." She's registered over a million single mothers and they have drafted her to run for president.

Mr. G.O.P Brother - Mr. Brother is the equivalent of Ralph Ellision's, Invisble Man. He's sat in on every major decision made by Republican Presidents since the 1980 and no one knew he was in the room. Brother attends an A.M.E. church in Prince Georges County which has kept him grounded. At the urging of Colin Powell he takes to the road helping young brothers in trouble get their G.E.D. and start them in business. His tour becomes a crusade to run for President.

Where are these fictional characters ? Some are composites of people I believe should consider running in 2008. You may have a different opinion. Now you have a chance to voice that opinion by writing here. For the uninitiated you have to create an online name (something close to your personality).

Thanks for listening and hearing my musings.


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