Thursday, September 02, 2004

What's Up with Pastor Donnie McClurkin

Donnie McClurkin’s Coming Out Party

As I told you in my first blog I would try to get at the heart of Pastor Donnie McClurkin's conversion to "hetero-sexuality and the so call 'gay curse. '" I had the best opportunity to get the answer at Wednesday's morning's GOPAC Prayer breakfast hosted by former Republican Congressman J. C. Watts. As I proceed to go ask the singer some questions I was stopped by his publicist Irma Byrd who told be that pastor has decided not to do any more press in lieu of some recent bad publicity. When I asked her to clarify she made reference to a comment in the Style Section of the Washington Post. McClurkins sexual conversion isn't new news. Two years ago he came clean with his conversion saying he was sexually molested as a child by a relative.

Ms. Byrd who was adamant about keeping me away suggested that "there were too many questions about why he was coming and who invited him." As I probed a bit more the publicist point blank told me "the republicans invited and the democrats didn't call." Does this mean that he supports the Republicans? Does he even vote? That answer may not be forth coming.

"We just think doing print is wrong for McClurkin because they will edit what he says"...Da. "We might consider doing live television because that way no one can edit what you say." When pressed more about television he has done she mentioned Tavis Smiley's Show and a UPN Show. I know for a fact he's done CBN and CTN, two Christian networks.
I explained that I was working for MBC Network (soon to be named the Black Family Channel). "Sorry we're just not doing any taped interviews."

Literally, 15 minutes later McClurkin comes outside the breakfast and sees a white reporter (who I believed worked for CBN) and gave her an interview. What's wrong with that picture?

I have nothing wrong with Christian singers and those who are devoted religious people, but if you're going to step out on issues of faith and want the rest of Black America to go with you and not be questioned you will sadly be mistaken. I understand that Pastor McClurkin "ministers to people via song but blind faith is what got the Nazi's in trouble. Ministers and singers can positons on a wide variety of issues including faith. Know that "the lord don't like ugly."

....we fall down, but we get up.......


At December 21, 2005 at 12:02 AM, Blogger roxaneroxane said...

I really don't understand if the man has been blessed form the evil spirit be happy and glad for him. Let him express his happy and joyfulness. I'm very happy form this handsome man, this is another man for the ladies. that very handsome, who wants to give what a women wants.

At February 23, 2006 at 1:38 PM, Blogger a child of the KING said...

Donnie McClurkin is an anointed Man of God. He is blood washed, Holy Ghost filled and a blessing to the body of Jesus Christ. The Lord is using Him to demonstrate His power to us. I advise you, Mr. Charles Black, to get on your knees and repent and shout Glory to the blood of the Lamb...
Stop letting the devil make a fool of you.


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