Sunday, October 03, 2004

Presidential Debate, What did we learn ?

Who won? Who lost? Who got a bounce?

Typical questions with varied answers depending on the spin. What was more telling is what we learned. For those of the "darker persuasion" the answers to the question about Sudan was telling. "No I don't think we should send troops," said Kerry and President Bush, chimed in "I agree with the senator." This deserved a pointed follow-up from Jim Leher. The question should have related to U. S. pre-emptive strategy currently being employed. Doesn't that nation fit the criteria.

Influence from Islamic radicals, genocide, rogue regime, and countless other euphemism that were laid out before the invasion of Iraq. If you're a student of the diaspora the track record of the African Union military force is abysmal (Liberia, Angola, Congo and numerous other countries where these forces have tried to broker piece are littered with problems).

It's telling that marginalization is employed by both sides. Did I miss something, they both agreed that there is genocide going on Sudan. That's grounds for starting a World War (wasn't that case when Germany killed millions of Jews). An African genocide is "just like those spooks, a bunch of jungle bunnies." Give me a break. Let's hope the next debate puts a bit more meat on the bones and not a bunch of slogans.

Now for what you really want. John Kerry won the debate. Yea, he look presidential but he finally had an answer for the most persistent question, "Why did you vote to authorize the war?" While not perfect, it was a comeback. When playing the dozens its better to have comeback.

President was clear loser. All those rules about no cutaways (camera showing your opponent listening) were thrown out the window, and now we see why the Republicans were so oppose to the idea. Temperament is a quality we want to see in a president and it was on full view.

Who got the bounce, Kerry. He had something substantive to talk about. Now the debate turns to domestic issues his strong suit. Kerry watchers will talk about beating up the president on jobs and the economy. Better find something else to talk about other than taxes even if its about the wealthy. Taxing the rich works well in the Black community, but smells like day old fish in the white community.

Lastly there have been a series of report that have bubbling through regarding Black voter registration and suppression. This week is the last week to sign up new voters. Polls aren't taking into account that minority voter registration has put strains voter registrars. Various groups are hitting the street. I applaud these efforts, but remember it's not just signing up people get them to the polls on elections day.

Sourer observations include a move by Ken Blackwell (Black Republican) to have only a specific type of paper in Ohio to be used for voter registration. My friends in Florida you are facing insurmountable challenges to change the outcome in that state. "Don't go for the okie-doke." Voter intimidation in the Sunshine State will be in full effect. Remind those first time voters if they are turned away to ask for a "provisional ballot." These votes are held until it is determine you legality to vote.

Michigan (especially Detroit) the GOP is looking to suppress your large voter turnouts be vigilant.

Maryland and California be prepared for potential snafus in electronic voting. Virginia the race is a lot closer than the polls say. South Carolina keep pushing get your people to the polls.

What's up with Rev. Jesse Jackson becoming an adviser to Kerry Campaign. The Reverands still got some juice, Jesse should have found someone new to energize the youth "hip hop vote."

Next a review from Gwen Ifill's hosting of the Vice Presidential Debate.


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