Friday, October 29, 2004

The Final Days

Checked out the debate between Barrack Obama and Alan Keyes debate on C-Span. Keyes is out of his league and has no clue as to what is going on in Illinois.

The ads are getting nasty. The reference to wolves in the GOP TV ads border on desperation. The ostrich and eagle from the Dems is confusing. Are the Dems the eagle or the ostrich?

The legal battles in Florida and Ohio are going to get nasty. By the way what happened to nearly 50,000 absentee ballots sent out in Broward County that weren’t received?

Drove to Philly (10/26/04) for a funeral. Got lost in north Philly and was surprised to see how diverse the electorate was on the presidential race. Drove down one street and there were an equal number of signs for both candidates.
Punched up WDAS-FM in Philly and was amazed at the dueling radio ads. The first ad I heard was from the Democratic Party urging voters to go the polls on Election Day. Following that ad was a commercial talking about how John Kerry was for gay marriage and abortion. I kept wondering do Black folks in Philly buy this. If it is this bad in Philly what’s happening in Pittsburgh.
It looks like the October Surprise has arrived. Report in New York Times says thousands of tons of explosive material missing in Iraq, to ad insult Osama bin Laden Tape appears. I believe these events are significant, but have no barring on the outcome of the race.
Early voting in Florida appears huge. A large voter turnout bodes well for democrats


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