Wednesday, November 03, 2004

It's Over

They've looked at the totals and have done the math. President Bush will be president. Kerry is to make an announcement at 1 pm est. Bush will do his thing at 3 pm est.

It will be interesting what they have to say.

The bottomline. whoever won this race doesn't have a mandate (48 percent of america think you shouldn't be president).

Hardball politics or rational politics? (I'll bet that the winner will go with the adage...the winner gets the spoils.)

So how did the GOP win?

Simple and clear messages, appeal to voters morals, and get out your voters.

How did the DEMS lose?

They need better candidates. Northeasterners will not carry the south (look at the map). There is an elitism that does not translate well to other parts of the nation. Clear messages...embrace faith...stand for something. The next candidate needs to create a new label for democrats other than liberal. Try defining Republicans.


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