Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Day After

At 6:30 AM I turn on the tube to find the election hasn’t been decided. It hedges on OHIO and more specifically I hear an interview with the Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, a Black Republican. “We’ll have to wait 11 days to count provisional ballots.” My son Julian goes, “What.”

I give my assessment to WEAA-FM and try and follow what’s at stake.

I arrive at work to keep my ear on what’s going on. This election has come down to 113,000 votes. That’s how far ahead President Bush is in the race for OHIO. There are a some 250,000 votes in question. Much of them are provisional ballots which will have to be certified individually. Boy, that’s a slim lead, but not insurmountable. The president’s spokesman says he’ll come out at 10 to announce Bush is the winner. They may want to rethink that idea.


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