Monday, March 16, 2009

Can't Believe What's Happening

Baltimore - I've watched the fits and starts of the Obama Administration and realize the "world of instant gratification" will never allow him to move beyond point scoring the media has resorted to in the build up to "100 Days."

Multi-tasking is the way of any President. Domestic to Foreign Affairs there is never a dull moment. I am very concern about SAWB's. I know getting the best and the brightest has been the coded message coming from David Axelrod, but like other SAWB's they are missing a mix of people who could bring new perspectives.

I asked several people during the campaign, "Is there a company that matches the candidates vision." Is it Caterpillar? Is it Google? Is it Apple? Who meets the presidents expectations. Forget those who are ideologically opposed to the president. There had been some talk of adding Richard Parsons to the Obama advisers. I'm not certain he's the right person.

Help me out people is there a corporation, business, CEO, and/or CFO that meets this presidents expectations.

Should I Take The Money?

The president is getting beat up on his economic stimulus plan. I am amazed at Republican Governors suggesting they aren't willing to take stimulus money. The person who takes the cake is South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. Governor Sanford who's state has a nearly a 10 percent unemployment rate says he would take the money only to use it to reduce the states debt. Help me is reducing the states debt stimulative? Some have suggest there is something bigger at work?

Part of what's in play is the GOP's message. There is none. Despite Micheal Steele's election as the head of the RNC Committee people inside and outside the GOP are giving him grief.

He got into trouble for taking on the voice of GOP, Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh fired back and Steele ends up with an apology. Two weeks later in GQ Magazine Steele suggested abortion is an individual right. Damn, talk about going after the core of the GOP. He may not be ready for prime time but he's exactly what the doctor ordered to shake this political party.

Steele is facing party operatives he had to fire and they steaming. They will not go away silently. They are planting traps and he seems to step into them. The oddity is the party is talking about replacing him. Go ahead! The time the GOP will be in the wilderness will be strengthen by his ouster.


There are few places where my voice on Black Politics can be heard. I feel very fortunate for all the opportunities people have afford me on radio. Last week I was privilege to be a part of the last News and Notes broadcast on NPR. The show has had several names and host (Tavis Smiley, Ed Gordon, Farai Chideya, and Tony Cox).

The creation of the Bloggers Roundtable allowed me others who vibe in spaces like this to have a voice and reach people who may have not heard of our blogs...I know for certain I'm not just about venting. I want you to say wow I hadn't heard of that. I hope there is place for mine and all the other unique voices have a place to expand on what we write.



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