Monday, January 05, 2009

Mr. Obama Goes to Washington

"O is in the house." That would mean the President Elect Barack Obama is in Chocolate City. It must be nice to move from digs in Hawaii to the Hay Adams Hotel in the District just up the street from the White House. If it's Monday then it means time to get to get to work.

O started his day with making sure the girls got off to school. Then it's off to Capitol Hill to meet with Speaker of the Nancy Peloski. His arrival was like that of "rock star." Lots of pictures.

But events overtake the president elect. Let's start with the withdrawl of Bill Richardson as Secretary of Commerce designate. Apparently, his connection with a contributor and a state contract are under investigation. So back to being governor of New Mexico. Governor Richardson says he didn't want to cause any controversy.

Too bad because Roland Burris is sucking the wind out of all coverage concerning this next congress. Burris, the former Illinois Attorney General, was selected by Illinois Governor Rod Blagovich to replace Obama in the U.S. Senate. It's torn everyone. Congressman Bobby Rush inflamed the situation with his insistence that "the Senate is acting like an exclusive club." Obama was the senate's lone African-American. But this appointment doesn't pass the smell test.

Burris made the media rounds appearing on Tom Joyner Morning Show, CNN, MSNBC, and one last minute press conference at Midway Airport in Chicago. Here's the problem. His credentials were presented to U.S. Senate clerk and was rejected. The problem the paperwork only had one signature (the governors). To validate it needs to have the Illinois Secretary of State Rich White. This is going to get messy.

Burris is in Washington, while noble, is nothing more than a circus. Lots of cameras, soundbites and little to do with being seated. The case most sited is the Adam Clayton Powell's challenge to be seated. From where I sit these are two different cases. However, at the end of the day it may be the Supreme Court which will make the decision. Hey just add this case with the Al Kranken/Norm Coleman race in Minnesota.


The Gaza incursion by Israel needs to be wrapped up by Inauguration Day. I'm sorry I'm not buying in this notion that the "collateral damage" i.e. civilian casualties is acceptable. Sorry, an invasion is just that. No there should be no rockets from Hamas. There needs to be a better way. Are Israels recognizing there will be change with Obama? I think you can bank on this.


As I write this Leon Pannette has been announced as CIA Chief. Get ready for change in the slowest moving department in Federal Government. A new survey by Armed Forces Magazine suggest the military is suspect of Obama because he hasn't served in the military. It's common for those with military background to be suspect. I'd like to suggest look at what you military leaders gave you. "You go to war with the army you have not the army you want." "Be innovative." Yea right.


While most Democrats are celebrating, the members of the Republican Party are spinning over what direction they should go in lieu of Democratic victories. The chair of the Republicans Party is up for grabs. It's a mess in the GOP. A recent CD sent to Republicans called "Barack the Magic Negro" is insulting. There are six people vying to lead the GOP. Two are black, Ken Blackwell and Micheal Steele. Steele has picked up the mantra of change. Blackwell has pushed his conservative credentials. I'm laughing while I'm reading a Politico article entitled "Everyone is Pissed." I for one am putting money on Steele (he is a long shot but with everyone tearing each other down). The bad news the GOP is going to be in the wilderness for a long time. There base in the south is turning people off in other parts of the country.

By Week's End

Barack will give a major address on the economy Thursday. Here's what we know car sales are down, unemployment is up and no one is feeling the need to spend. The president elect wants a package to get people back to work. Will the Congress give the new president the "honey moon" he needs? Good Luck.

Lastly, where's the dog Mr. President?



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