Monday, October 27, 2008

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

I can't stop laughing and know you can't. This political season has been full of jokes that weren't meant to be from both sides.

You've heard of that adage "open mouth insert foot." The late night comics and the comedy shows have had a field day. Saturday Night Live is now the obvious leader despite trailing the Comedy Channel's John Stewart Show and Stephen Colbert Report. I caught a couple of the Stewart's Correspondents at DNC in Denver.

Those who are in comedy clubs have have added political humor to their routine. "How many of ya'll hear voting for John McCain (crowd claps). Now how many of ya'll are going to vote for Obama (crowd), as Comedian Ricky Shackleford brings the crowd to sustained laughter. "I've had to talk about the election it's the only thing people are talking about, says Shackleford.

Sarah Palin

"A pit bull with lipstick" the punch line for Republican Vice Presidential Sarah Palin on her description of a "hockey mom" has provided the most laughter. Her few television interviews did ratcheted up the comedy. Tina Fey, formerly of SNL-currently of 30 Rock, has the VP candidate down from mannerism to language. "You, betcha." The parody of her interview with Katie Couric will become comedy classic. The VP debate with Queen Latifah had me rolling on the floor.

This showdown between Faye and Palin scored one of the biggest audiences ever for SNL

The VP pick has spawned a number of people to sing the praises of her challenge.

Obama Off Limits

Several Obama supporters have taken offense to his parody's. Some comedians have had to issue statements such as "You can take a joke?" But it was a weekend stop at fundraiser in New York where Obama parodied himself.

Senator John McCain was also in good humor. He jumped into the fray.

I Shop at Walmart?

The most recent revelation of the Republican National Committee spending $150,000
on Palin's clothes is just the latest ironic twist. Especially since she and McCain continue to say they are for "Joe Six-Pack" and "Joe the Plumber." Shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom doesn't seem to be in line with what they are telling voters.

It's interesting several of the cable channels have picked up on the idea there are few people of color in these skits. The Comedy Channel has launched "Chocolate News" and CNN has put on D.L Hughley. It's easy to get jokes, but I remind comedians know your audience. Failure to know them will mean they don't get the joke.

So you can't stop laughing. I'm hosting a political conference at Georgetown University called Watergate II: Did Politics Change Media or Did Media Change Politics. The conference occurs November 21-23, 2008 for more information you can go to You can see the interpretation of the season from a cadre of comedians.




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