Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jackson Is Candidate 5

(Washington) Jesse Jackson, Jr. is the named the candidate who is referenced in the Governor Rob Blagojevich probe. Jackson's attorney and the congressman acknowledge it today.

Congressman Jackson said he met with the governor for the first time on Monday. It was the first time the pair had met in four years. The question would be why would it take so long for these politicians to meet. Maybe in hindsight it was a good thing.
In the four minute press event he took no questions, but there are several question that still hang in the balance.

1. Who would be on a call talking with the governor on his behalf? He's suggested he authorized no one to do so.
2. Is he still interested in the Senate job?
3. Can he still operate with his name so closely linked to the biggest Illinois scandal?
4. What next?

I want to answer this last question by suggesting if Jackson was candidate number 5, then who are 1-through-4 and is there a 6 and 7? Don't all of these individuals need to make their case before the press because they will also be under a cloud of suspicion.

This is like a onion...there will be many layers. One thing is for certain the governor is at the center of this investigation. Can he find a graceful way to move out the way. We'll see.




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