Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Problems and Calls

(Baltimore)- It's 8 pm and the networks have started to call states; Obama: Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Maine, Delaware, Maryland. For Mr. McCain: Oklahoma, Tennessee.

The states of Virginia,North Carolina, and Ohio are two close to call.

By 8:30 pm Pennsylvania is also in the Obama column.

Several Republicans senators will not be going back to the Senate. Three senate seats have changed hands. Are we on the verge of a landslide.


The Indianapolis Star reported a pair of Republican poll watchers were removed for challenging Democrats based on foreclosure records. A judge told the GOP not to do this.

Chesapeake/Tidewater area of Virginia has issues with soiled ballots.

Stopped by the NAACP War room on the way to radio station. They have an armed of volunteers putting out fires and solving issues at polling stations. Nothing was left to chance.

Grant Park

Over my shoulder is CNN which has a live picture of Grant Park in Chicago, Ill. The party has started.

Can the network hold off in announcing a winner of this race before the polls close in California.



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