Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Journey of a Lifetime

Washington, DC – I arrived at my location underneath the presidential viewing stand with my colleagues from Maryland Public Television knowing we had the best seats at the capitol. The day was filled with many images that will stay with me forever. The reverence of the crowd and its ability to connect with the president continues to be an enduring conversation. I was especially touched by those who told me their stores about how they had survived the terrible times of “Jim Crow” and the cruel institution of segregation. There collective voices were embodied in Rev. Joseph Lowery’s benediction. “Black will not be asked to get in back, when brown can stick around...When yellow will be mellow. When the red man can get ahead, man; and when white will embrace what is right. That all those who do justice and love mercy say, Amen.” While I sat watching I kept coming back to the millions in the crowd that filled the mall. It was surreal. Chants of Obama were frequent. They seem to come up like a wave from an ocean. These are some of my observations from my vantage point.


With the introduction of George Bush we heard the crowd signing we didn’t know what it was until the sound grew louder. The were singing the classic crowd anthem for a loser…”Kiss Him Good Bye“Nah na nan nah…hey hey hey good bye!!!” Midway through the speech I turned to look and there were Denzel Washington and P-Diddy standing during the entire event. Why did they stand?

What was up with Chief Justice John Roberts butchering the oath of office? The sad part, it’s created new internet rumors (which will not go away). Yes, suggestion is he’s not president because he did not recite the oath (give me a break). News Flash they just did a redo.

In one of the strangest moments, I am looking up at the president giving his address and a bird of prey comes into view high above the capitol. I thought it strange. As I look closely it appears to be a Red Tailed Hawk. I decided to Google what a sign like this means. This is what I learned.
“Part of the Role for the two-legged(man)beside whom a Red Tailed Hawk flies is that of Guardian of the Earth Mother. These are individuals who will possess an astute awareness of the concept of the interconnectedness of all things, and will have an inner reverence for all life. These are the souls that are involved in making the world a better place, whether locally or globally. They will be protectors of the Earth Mother and tread softly upon her, encouraging and educating ~Others~ to do the same. Often, they are either found initiating or actively involved in environmental causes, where their keen perception and insight will serve their chosen ~cause~ well. Yet it is their day to day existence and fundamental philosophy/foundation of action and belief, that distinguishes these individuals as true champions of Mother Earth as they seek to live in harmony with the ~Ina Maka~ and all that She births, provides, nurtures and sustains.”

Deep !!!

Here are my observations on the Inaugural Address.



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