Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Revolution Will Be Live

(Baltimore) "Once one person wants freedom, then the whole damn world wants freedom," Gil Scott Heron the poetic spoken word artist seems to adeptly predicted what is unfolding across the world. I find it curious the imposition of democracy has failed miserably. If history has taught us anything the ability of people to decide their fate can't be stopped. Despots, Dictators, and those controlled by outside forces should be shaking in their books.

In an earlier post I talked about the evolution of black politics. This evolution is not limited to the America's. From Tunisia to Egypt we've witness "Power to the People." Do you think those who are in the street only read the Tale of Two Cities on the French Revolution. No, they studied revolution in all its forms.

Watch and learn because the next country to throw off the shackles is waiting. Enjoy this classic from Gil Scott and note how it relates to what is going in Egypt.


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