Saturday, August 23, 2008


(Denver) - I didn’t get the text, but some of you may have. Yes, the text letting you know Senator Joseph Biden was chosen as Senator’s Barrack Obama’s running mate. I got it “the old fashion” way. I was up late at night trying to pack for Denver with the CNN on in the background. Around 1:30 a heard a breaking news bulletin and Larry King extended his show. By 3:00 am (yes I was still packing for a 5:30am flight) it was all over the airwaves.

The decision to send this announcement via texting continues to push the envelope on how new media has changed the political process this go round. Think about how the net’s impact so far. Fundraising, breaking news, and video endorsements are just part of the new phenomena’s we have seen this election season.

This texting business is truly pushing the envelope. I saw it in action at the Obama Primary Rally at the University of Maryland .In the lead up to the Chesapeake Primaries, the rally featured a text number to send information to and received information from. This was an OMG (oh my god) moment. The collection of phone numbers (hard-line or cell) to reach voters could become obsolete to future campaigns or at least not as sought after as they have been in the past. The Obama Campaign has capitalized on instant messaging and conversing via this convoluted syntax. Trying to figure it out in all of its machinations will make your head spin. Go ahead LOL (laugh out loud). It’s generational and old fogies like me are just catching up. It will eventually dwarf those who think they know elections and the electorate.

Following the University of Maryland event I wondered? How many people with text numbers are in the campaign database? I’m hoping to get an answer this week in Denver.

My good friend Rick Blalock, a radio anchor in Atlanta, who signed up for this service has received no less than three texts since he got the initial email at 3 am. They are mining this is ways unimaginable. They also suckered journalist to sign up the same service giving them access to those who shape news coverage (Sorry, I didn’t fall for the O-KEY DOKIE). I going to guess you’ll be receiving a number of texts in the lead up November. The bad news you’ll have difficulty removing the messages moving ahead (FYI, I’m going to check with my technology guru the figure out how you do this).

The Biden Factor

So was Biden’s selection about shoring up issues in the Obama Campaign? You bet it is. IMHO

There is a need for the Obama/Biden ticket to connect with “Blue Collar Voters,” take leaning role on foreign policy, and create a McCain attack that will be effective. So the choice of Biden allows the campaign to answer all of these questions and makes this a reasoned choice.

I was at the Philadelphia Airport and watched as television crews waited outside the Senator’s residence in Delaware as he was heading to Springfield, Illinois. You can bet Pennsylvania is a must carry state for the Obama Campaign. What about Ohio?

I arrived in Denver as the rally in Springfield was just getting underway. I stopped to listen in the lobby of the Hampton Suites Hotel where media credentials were doled out. There were a couple of OMG moments.

In introducing Biden as his running mate Obama said, “I want to introduce the next President of the United States Joseph Biden.” The room where I sat collectively said, “What?” I simple slip, but likely to be mined by Comedy Central and worst the “Republican Attack Dogs.”

The second gaffe comes from Biden. Biden referred to Obama’s stunning movement as “Obama America.” Spontaneity, aside it just came off as “funky.”

They’ll have time to reinterpret what they said but I don’t think the gaffe’s will last (trust me we all have said stupid things).

The Springfield backdrop continues to be a plus for the apparent Democratic Nominee. Connecting it to Lincoln continues to undermine the Republican Brand. The counter for the GOP is Ronald Regan.

In Denver they are still working on Invesco (Mile High) Stadium to prepare it for Thursday. The hottest ticket in town is the credential for general public to attend. Anticipating the large crowd Denver is putting up several public viewing areas.

I’m on way to the huge Media Welcome Party, “A Celebration with Altitude” at Elitch Gardens.

I’ll be going to several events tomorrow including a stop in Denver’s pre-dominantly Black neighborhood and a reception with Colorado Chapter of NABJ.

Blogs to come include SWF, What Hillary Supporters Want, Coattails, and other items of interest as they come along.

Lastly, for those wondering about IMHO – In my humble opinion.



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