Sunday, January 29, 2006

It's Been a While

For those of you who have been waiting for an update I must apologize. My world has been in "Fast Forward."

But here are a couple of tibits.

I've had a chance to interview several of the participants and you'll be interested to here what they have to say.

Mfume caught up with him at a Washington, DC fundraiser. He asserts that Rep. Steny Hoyer is trying to sabotage his campaign by anointing Rep. Ben Cardin as the presumptive nominee. When I asked Mfume would he ever entertain a discussion about getting out of the race. He was emphatic, "I''d never consider it because I wouldn't."

I also had a chance to interview Rep. Ben Cardin during a Associated Black Charities Town Hall Meeting I moderated. He gave a lot of the usual answers. I was surprise he didn't see the issue of race entering the equation. I also asked him a question related to the Katrina Hurricanes.

"Should Marylanders expect the federal government to come to the aid of people if we have a disaster of the same magnitude?" His answer, "NO."

Lastly, I had a chance to interview several key aids with Lt. Governor Michael Steele.

Victor Clarke, a long time Steele supporter, believes in what is being described as the Black Backlash. The senerio goes like this Mfume is vilified in the Democratic primary and in a consession speech on primary election night chastises the Democratic Party for failing to support his candidacy. He remains lukewarm on endorsing the winner.

Clarke suggests this is an opening for Steele to capitalize on Black voter discontent. Clarke suggests the way for Steele to win is to get Black voters comfortable with voting for a Republican. Clarke sees the support among white Republican voters solid because of Governor Robert Erhlich.

Lastly, the race has been crowded in the U.S. Senate race I'll talk about soon.

Thanks keep checking in.